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A Tidbit of News and 7 Summer Desserts

I’m having a moment with fresh produce. Of course I always have a moment with it but summer is here. Summer and I are buddies. Summer brings me some amazing foods that aren’t always this tasty or cheap or even available. In return I try not to complain about the heat too much. Try.

If only summer could make sure the mosquitoes didn’t get an invite. One bit me under my left nostril and the entire area swelled until I looked like a cat. And since I have not removed my mustache, yes, there were whiskers. Me-ow.

But summer, Ah, yes. Raspberries were $1 per carton at the store. I picked up as many of the gorgeous looking containers as I could and then made Greg get more. I can’t seem to get past simply eating them from the carton so I have no new recipe. There was some cinnamon, vanilla, honey, sparkling wine infused poaching liquid from a nectarine dessert (promise to share that later) that I tossed a few berries in. Heaven. I have blueberries, peaches, strawberries, raspberries, a cantaloupe, corn, bell peppers, other peppers, chard and a few things I’m forgetting in my kitchen. Puts a smile on my face. I don’t want it to ever change.

Usually I’m overwhelmed with what to make, wanting to take advantage of the bounty, highlighting everything just right, but it’s been easier these days. Often raw and fresh, as afternoon or evening snacks, maybe grilled. Once meal preparation time comes along, I’m pretty tired and ready to wind down so it’s easy breezy cooking these days.

Greg and I are adding new items to our etsy shop of the vintage decor/antique mirror/vintage clothing variety beyond our furniture pieces. These are things that I like, often things we come across during a trip to retrieve furniture. My intentions were always to incorporate these finds and it’s finally happening. We’re also trying to inlcude non-dresser pieces (much of what we do is laden with dressers) so we’re working on chairs, a sideboard, a cabinet and a number of rough pieces are waiting in the wings. Then there’s the picture frames turned jewelry holders, pinboards, corkboards and chalkboards. We’ve also been dabbling in lighting and hardware. I tried to make pillows and other things involving fabric but my skills just aren’t up to snuff with the quality I want to put out. A lot of products I’ve kept hush-hush, some are now on the backburner or on hold until we can adjust to Greg’s new position and what that includes-probably longer hours, time in traffic but maybe different hours more accommodating to our renovation and business plans.

Oh yeah, Greg received a promotion and raise. He’s excited to get a chance to design his company’s restaurant seating with a team. I’m proud. The company is being restructured due to a new President and people were being fired left and right.

I say it so nonchalantly but it’s a big deal. Bittersweet. An entire post on my other blog regarding the topic. Something hardcore Dabble fans should read.

To put it rather short-there was an opportunity to move to Oregon (where you know we want to end up), we made moves toward an exit from Minnesota then bam, Greg got the promotion/raise. What timing. Just when we were hyped, making plans, jumping to action. The house, this one we love and have been renovating (documented at the other blog), was going to get a speedy, tasteful fix up over a few months (thanks to a loan) then onward we were going to go but since getting the promo (this includes Greg working closer to the Twin Cities…wish we could move closer), we decided to stay, fix up the house a bit slower but still keep in mind the goal to move on.

The whole ordeal rocked our world. Once the notion that we could pack up and go to a place we absolutely adore bore into our brains, we set new priorities, established a timeline and focused on our goals even more. I kept it a secret. If the raise hadn’t come, this post would have been different news. But as responsible/gratification-delaying adults, in our heart of hearts, we admit it’s not the right time as much as we want it to be.

My original post was going to include all the things I’d be missing out on about summer, produce, the landscape, food trends and whatnot in western Oregon. Won’t go there though. Instead I want to review recipes of summers past. I’m thinking fruit. They were all notable and exactly what I want right now…after fresh and raw that is.

A bit of bittersweet news indeed. Though those bittersweet ingredients create some of the most gratifying recipes.

Roasted Strawberries from Heidi Swanson’s Super Natural Every Day Cookbook

3-Ingredient raspberry brown sugar gratin

Chilled peaches in white wine from Molly at Orangette

Peach, mozzarella, basil and mint salad adapted from Real Simple

Roasted strawberries with ginger, vanilla and Pimms over ice cream

Blueberry (or blackberry) flummery adapted from the Wednesday Chef

Strawberry fool

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  1. Ah love. I know what you must be feeling. We’ve had several moments like that…we’re even going through a time right now. I’m sure it is so hard to think you get to go back to what you love…and then have plans change. But I’ve always found that life continues to grow and expand if you let it. I know it will for you guys too. Hugs and love.

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