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The Homestead

Nothing to brag about here food-wise. Long story short: I bought a frozen pizza, we ate a frozen pizza (and then I bought a kneeboard). The end. For like days. Or the equivalent of a frozen pizza. Or hot dogs. Not the equivalent, just actual hot dogs. Nathans cause they are the best.

We’ve been doing and building thangs, a movin’ and a shakin’. ┬áLike this modern slat fence and other “stuff” outside. See this post at the Wits for the DIY breakdown.

My parents and sis are scheduled to pull in Saturday so we’ve been preparing. I probably won’t be around next week. Around the blog but hopefully still kicking on this earth. Fingers crossed and assuming all the basement/bathroom reno plans go well.

The homestead where the recipe magic happens (or the burning or ruining of recipes) in the tiny, galley kitchen.

So I basically just wanted to drop in and brag about the fence cause I love it and it came in under $200. Which makes me love it more and it was our brainchild and hard work that made the whole thing happen.

Before you say something, yes, plants might eventually go in front so it’s not just mulch. No, it’s not in the budget.

Have a blast doing whatever you are doing or plan to do. Even if it’s eating frozen pizza. Which isn’t that bad. Good day.