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Hugs and Cupcakes

I don’t know why but tackling this return post after almost 2 weeks gone is like that awkward moment when you run into someone from your past and they go in for a hug and you’re not a hug person so you suddenly forget how it goes. Where do I put my chin? Do my arms and elbows go up or down? Do I put my arms around the person’s waist or higher? Is there a back pat in there somewhere? How long should this go on? Are they going to kiss my cheeks too? When the embrace is done, because you were caught off guard/contemplating the logistics of a hug, your conversation is wonky.

That’s how it felt trying to get back into posting. I was left fluttering my arms and elbows up and down while lunging my upper body forward and back in confusion.

I think it has to do with the fact that I’ve been cheating on fresh, delicious meals with cheap, flavorless (except for pure rich, fatty flavor) box meals. I was sick then I was sick again (the boxed meals made me sick a third time), Greg went on his trip to Seattle (lovely trip and people) and for the past week, we’ve been trying to get back into the swing of things so our diet has been abnormal.

Then we’re trying to figure out how we can wind up near Seattle with a work transfer which is a bit stressful. The time Greg had to do what he wanted was limited this past trip so he imagines he’ll soon be back there. Do I get to go? Can we afford it? How much notice will we have? Do we board the dogs? Will we be able to get the house finished and back on the market in a year to meet our goal to be on our way out of Minnesota? Will Greg remain with his company? What if they don’t want him out there and try to make us stay here? Is there another job there? Will finishing the house line up with our schedule to move west? If not, where will we stay? Do we need a loan to finish this? What portions do we hire out or do we keep doing what we can on our own? Then there’s the flooring hell we’ve been dealing with which means we get to put 27 boxes of flooring¬†back¬†on a pallet and shrink wrap the thing over the weekend and we’re still out $400 (long story). All those things haven’t put me in the mood to cook even though it’s the ideal situation to calm me down.


I’ve been more into tea than food. About 3 cups a day. Except for these cupcakes from one of my new favorite places in town, Cake Walk. This place will stick. It has to. There are a number of places that have closed, deservedly so, but there are almost as many that haven’t and should. It baffles us. Then there’s the heartache that comes when a great place, of the restaurant variety, closes in town (Kurry Kabab and Wendys…I know, a chain, and one I cherish). This cupcake/cake/dessert place is truly wonderful. I picked some up for Greg and I to share as a celebration of his return. The cupcakes are the best I’ve ever had. I just wish they were open when I could get to them. Sharing a vehicle kind of blows when your second half works 12 to 14 hours a day. Like I need to be eating that many cupcakes though and I’m usually more of a savory food person but these, no, I need these weekly. Please food gods of small town Northfield, please be kind to this business and please people of Northfield, go or continue to go here.

Since I spoke of cupcakes…I feel that I can’t share the recipe I intended because you can’t compete with cupcakes. I mean look at that Instagram-alicious photo. Just no, can’t be done. Find yourself a cupcake. That’s my recommendation in this New Year’s resolution time of year with cleanses and health oriented goals. Obviously I’m not into that (any more). My goals are focused on year-round and revolve around the topics I mentioned above.

I think my hug (aka my first post after a break) was awkward enough. Promise I’ll get back with the flow eventually. Promise might be too strong a word.

3 thoughts on “Hugs and Cupcakes

  1. Welcome back! As far as all of your questions relating to a potential move/job/house know that we went through that before we moved and as recently as a couple months ago went through a mini version when my husband was contacted about a job back in MN. It’s scary and horrible and some days it’s overwhelming. Just try to breathe deep on those days and tell yourself that whatever happens it will work it. It will. And keep posting – we missed you!

    1. Thanks, Kris. That is helpful to hear and I will. I find it comforting to know we are in similar boats and that you guys have gone before us and seem to be doing great for the most part.

  2. Those cupcakes look so very good. I wish there was a decent shop here in Colorado Springs…maybe I’ll just have to open one eventually! It is amazing how often mediocrity gets gobbled up while greatness seems to slip through the cracks! I sure hope you can hold onto this one! And I also hope that you have a good few weeks of health and peace. We all need it! Thanks for sharing and welcome back!

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