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Bathroom and Kitchen Renovations at My Folks’ House

While Greg lives it up 1700 miles away from here near Seattle…and by “lives it up” I mean gets up early for work, spending most of his day evaluating the processes/thinking of how to improve everything at the restaurant furniture making facility his restaurant furniture making company acquired recently during a buyout of their competitor with not much venturing out or time to take in any scenes or culture (and trying to convince them he is needed out there so we can move in a year or so and achieve one of our dreams)…I thought I’d drop in to announce I am no longer sick but I am still not too keen on food. My diet hasn’t been all that varied or worthy of sharing. Instead, I did a post about my parent’s bathroom and kitchen renovations over at my our other blog, the Wits. You should check it out. Impressive.

My adorable, handy dad

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  1. I hope you feel 100% better soon. And I’m on my way over to your other lovely blog to see what your parent’s have been up to!

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