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Bless Your Heart and Make These 3 Cookies

I’m overjoyed that I’m not crazy but with extreme unhappiness must announce that my comments are not working again. I know you lovely people are commenting but I can’t read a single word. They will come to me when the mechanism is functioning. I’m not crazy because the odds have been stacked against any progress on the technical blog issues by no doings of my own. Let me tell you what I’ve been dealing with (and shoving aside for sanity purposes) for a little over a week.

It all started two days before Thanksgiving when we (my bro-in-law) updated my wordpress to the most current version when things began to fall in around me (and therefore Greg and his brother). I’m not going to patronize you. You’ve probably seen or experienced a few of the issues (multiple emails sent in a day, sidebars not properly working, etc.).

My titles have been ‘auto draft.’ It’s an easy solution that I fixed on the last post, before Thanksgiving, and a problem that I experienced on my Monday post of this week. The solution that worked the week before didn’t work this time and that drove me insane. I know how to fix it, performed the easy task and nada happened. I attempted this 50 times that day without exaggeration (it’s in my log). That evening we called my host/bro-in-law who easily performed my solution and fixed the “auto draft’ title. It took someone in California to fix my issue in Minnesota…an issue that took 2 seconds.

In the same phone conversation, Greg and I found out that our laptop has something inherently wrong with it that causes it to not allow me to edit/update my posts. No amount of scanning (comes back with a clean bill of health), reinstalling and using different browsers has helped and now, it’s having an effect on my website. (Cue evil music.)

That's young me and the look on my face is the exact 'not amused' expression I have about these issues.

I know how idiotic this may sound but I think when our laptop was created, a demon jumped inside and has been wreaking havoc on our lives ever since. Yeah, long-time subscribers, we’re talking about the laptop we bought when our other Dell crashed without warning a little over a year ago.

It probably isn’t helping that the theme I’m using for this site is notorious for not playing well with the new version of wordpress. Gee, I can pick ‘em. Simply changing the theme is not the answer.

I thought the issues would go away with this update and that I could join the crowd of people blissfully updated with new features. Instead, my plugins are causing the server problems (something I think is resolved in some manner).

It was immediately apparent that things were not technically functioning after the update. I spent the day trying to find solutions, testing plugins, reading forums and all that fun jazz. Once something was “fixed,” a bigger issue came up.

That would be my comments not working again at this time. I cannot see what you say to me and they have “disappeared” from view but are somewhere in another dimension. It’s a matter of unlocking the combination to make them come back.

There are more issues but I can’t put you or myself (too late, right) through any more of this nonsense. Just know that we are diligently working on more solutions and it doesn’t harm you in any way. Unfortunately, at the end of the day, I come up with the same thing-throw this computer out the window and start a new blog. Frustration continues to mount and it clouds my better judgment.

Quite honestly, I thought these would work themselves out or an easy solution would help but it looks like it’s here to stay. I didn’t want to admit that around the holiday so that I could enjoy the time with my family. I did and now, I’m back on the crazy train.

I’m sorry and thank you from the bottom of my heart for putting up with this. I know it doesn’t look like there are problems and to anyone that is saying that to themselves, bless your heart!

Honey Lavender Madeleines Photo from the Purple Foodie on flickr

How about a few recipes guaranteed to be delicious? (Can you tell I want some cookies?)

Chocolate Peppermint Crinkle Cookies from Baker’s Royale

Salted Double Chocolate Peanut Butter Cookies from Brown Eyed Baker

Beautiful madeleines from One Tribe Gourmet