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Bending Before It Breaks

Today I’m handing out some love-a big thanks to my readers. You guys are awesome! When I’m feeling fed up, exhausted and downright perturbed, you let me be myself (like the song says) and send me encouraging messages (which isn’t required but appreciated). When you need me, I’ll be there. Just say the words and let it fly. I’ll bring the coffee or wine and a snack.

Getting sappy

I’m sure you will understand why I’m not posting today after some frustration with life. Greg also felt like he was running into a brick wall this week; his brain nearly turned to mush until a big project’s hardest portion came to fruition. He’s reading 1984 again by the window right now and I will join him with my coffee and one of the 12 books I started to read months ago. We’re thinking of finding a farmer’s market and hanging with our peeps. (Chuckle.)

He is taking a break and so am I-we’re getting out of here…probably. We don’t know where we’re going but you have to take advantage of a 3 day weekend. (Too bad it’s not ideal for camping with rain on the way.)

I should clarify that we are only going places that still require us to return to the apartment every day…not a vacation that we could really use but still, a break.

The last straw was last night when a car nearly hit me because of the driver’s impatience with our crossing the street (at the designated cross). Don’t hit me, I don’t have health insurance and would have to treat myself.

Our new additions to the household

I will leave behind a few pictures from our latest walk in the arboretum and my Ikea succulents in their clay planter (cost less than $25 for the whole shebang-loving that). We ran into some idiots on the trails who thought that we’d be offended by their loud banter about crack. Later, they returned with some friends and their bongs (that’s what they said anyway). Making Northfield proud. We don’t usually run into characters like this on the trails and I hope it’s not a regular occurrence from now on.

Happy weekend, all!

*Update a few months later: those trail idiots are now our neighbors-no joke-the jerks across the hall… ah, life.

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  1. Happy weekend! Leave the morons behind and enjoy the days. Day-trips may not be exotic getaways but they have a wonderful ability to re-charge the spirit. 😎

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