The Dabble

-food with a side of life-


I believe the world is full of things to take interest in and if I named my life it might be called “the dabble.”  I’m a dabbler, I dabble in a few things that I am passionate about- food is my number one zeal.  I am not an expert; I am an ongoing learner and hope to provide you recipes and ideas that I have used and tweaked for years.  I would love your input and ideas so keep them flowing.  I decided to join the blog world to share and meet others who are passionate about food and drinks.

I realized in high school that my “steak and potatoes” family may not have fostered a taste for different cuisines and began trying new dishes at my friends’ houses.   I tried their families’ favorite restaurants as well.  (This is how my love of a good gyro with feta came about.)  I have been more successful than not in the kitchen for the past 4 years.  Before that, I loved food but was not doing my meals any justice.  I was in a hurry and made it another something on my to-do list while in college. I am grateful for those days because I never gave up, I learned some do’s and don’ts, I found some great places to eat and my love for everything tasty grew.  I love food for many reasons but number one is that it slows me down.  When it comes to food, I have to be patient and I get to delve into my creative side more.  I know you know how satisfying that is.

In college, my husband and I had some great food from our favorite type of place -the “hole in the wall” as we call it which has had an impact on dishes I make and it keeps us within our budget.   You know, the small places you come across while in college, on a road trip or even in your hometown that might not have the décor or service that 5 star places have but the food, oh the food is amazing and usually affordable.  I live almost an hour from Minneapolis these days.  We have been in the town of Northfield for a year now and are more likely to venture to other suburbs of Minneapolis for the “hole in the wall” places recommended to us or that we’ve come across.

Thank you for visiting.