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I Turned 31

My triumphant return (umm in case you haven’t noticed I’ve been gone for a few months) involves a link to my other blog because I turned 31 last week and writing a completely new post about what I’ve been up to is hard. For the record: I did not intend this to be my return thoughts AND that link covers only a month of my absence since I’ve only neglected writing anything over at the Wits for just a month in place of the few months here. Guess I like those readers better. I’m kidding.

Here’s that link before I forget and facepalm myself.

Add that I made fresh pasta with my mom-in-law’s Kitchenaid attachments, my in-laws got me a new pizza stone that is awesome, my parents got me the newest Gwyneth Paltrow Cookbook It’s All Good which is amazing, I made a hybrid carrot cake/cheesecake then his grandma’s carrot cake recipe for Greg’s August birthday (and numerous share-worthy recipes that I hope to get to…someday…).

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