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Thoughts for Boston

For the past month I’ve been watching my calorie intake and getting my bum back on the treadmill four times a week to log some miles. (I’m down 8 pounds thank you very much.)

Over the weekend I indulged a bit too much but got back on the treadmill (and on pace) Monday to do what I could to take some of the damage away.

While I was negating some of the impact, someone else was wreaking havoc at the Boston Marathon, injuring over 150 people and killing 3 the last count I’ve heard this morning.

I was running my 3 miles on the treadmill at the exact time people were running towards the finish and crossing the line when the bombs went off. I realized that this morning. Just as participants were finishing or nearly finishing, celebrating, meeting their family and friends, feeling very accomplished and proud (probably exhausted) after the 26+ mile voyage on Patriots’ Day. Onlookers there for support, ready to congratulate and hug their loved one.

I can’t imagine the confusion and pain involved in these seemingly increasing horrific and deathly events. Planned and orchestrated by persons who so badly want to inflict suffering.

I’m heartbroken and flummoxed-as the rest of the nation is; my thoughts are with the city of Boston. The city is strong. I’m confident justice will be served. People will run again and those injured will be rehabilitated. Those lost will be remembered by the entire country. I know I won’t forget every time I lace up my shoes and hit the pavement or treadmill.

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