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Our Nephew: Born August 12th

He has arrived! Nolan Carl (after my dad and my brother-in-law’s great grandpa) was born last night around 10:30. I’m an aunt! This handsome guy was 7 lbs. and 13 oz. I hear my sister did great and is recovering with her pride and joy. She was at the hospital since early yesterday morning.

After several messages (some about how grand an epidural is) and many hours later, he is in the world sans womb. This marks the momentous occasion of the first nephew/niece of the family and I am excited beyond description. (I made a sign to place in the window of our downtown apartment-it looks horrible but that’s not the point.)

I want to tell people that a child was born into my family and that they need to take care of his future (as well as all of the young ones) by being responsible, moral humans and warning them that I will be watching. (That’s when I make the sign that I am keeping my eyes peeled with a scowl.) I have the feeling this intense idea to protect him will never pass-can’t imagine what my sister and brother-in-law are going through.

Ask Greg, I couldn’t focus on anything yesterday and became pretty anxious after hearing she was soon to push, then add 5 hours and then some more. Both my nephew and sister are doing well. I just wish I could have been there. If I had the money, I would have flown overnight. It’s hard when you tell yourself that arriving a month later will still be nice but when they are born, it’s another story. I’m thinking of nicknames already….and ignoring Greg’s suggestions. Uncle Greg made up some pretty inappropriate names based on bodily functions.

Happy Friday! I leave you with a message that I wish to pass on to the little guy:

Dear Nolan,

You are so loved! Welcome to the family. I’m overwhelmed with emotion right now as your aunt. What I can muster from my excited mind is to let you know something that you will soon find out on your own, you have wonderful parents and amazing relatives. I’m so happy that you have arrived safely and that your extraordinary mom is also well. I’m sure your pops is beaming with pride and your grandparents are tearing up. I know your aunts and uncles are also tearful (perhaps arguing over who gets to hold you next).

It is our job and pleasure, as family, to see that you are supported throughout your life in whatever direction you wish/decide to take. We can’t wait to see all of your milestones and how proud my youngest sister is of you, her son. You have plenty of encouragement and love to see you through a lifetime and beyond.

Again, welcome, kiddo! Be kind and respectful to your mom and dad (and Roxie the German Shepherd). We will see you soon and as often as possible.

Auntie Annie (and Uncle Greg)