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“Fond of” Friday Finds and Calling All Minnesotans

Welcome to the second “fond of’ Friday, ladies and gents! Things are pretty exciting here again with the advent of my aunt and uncle Sunday. I have places and food planned with Greg at the wheel of Ru2 (our second Forester); we’ll be driving around the Twin Cities and metro area for a few days with local pubs in mind for evening enjoyment…unless they want to change it up, which is cool with me.

They are pretty outgoing. I still feel guilty about having them sleep on our air mattress but they insisted and refused our bed. Honestly, the air mattress is more comfortable which tells you how great our mattress is.

They are on vacation and interested in the unique brews one can gather in these parts of the states. My attempts were futile to get a Summit tour (even though we have connections to one of the brew masters…a small one but still a connection) and I’m still considering a tour of Schells. Where would you (Minnesotans) recommend?

Before leaving this topic, I’m going to remind you that I will not be back until Wednesday the 14th. With the subscriber email still being out of whack, even with adjustments, who knows when you’ll get this and when it appears that I am back. By the way, I’ve noticed that some of you may not have completed the email verification to become a subscriber so if you aren’t receiving weekday posts, check on that or try again. I’d love to have you join me.

It’s no secret that I use craigslist to obtain furniture and while looking through the Minneapolis area ads the other day, I took note of some pieces that stuck out in my mind. For anyone that doesn’t know, I adore the challenge of finding awesome pieces to jive with my style and other people’s style. Maybe there’s a future career for me in staging/house décor/design. What would you call your style? I call mine a hodgepodge of vintage/eclectic/yet modern.

4 thoughts on ““Fond of” Friday Finds and Calling All Minnesotans

  1. We have that IKEA dresser. I hate it but only because I had to build it. Paying $85 for it assembled is a bargain.

    Good luck fitting it in anything other than a UHaul and w/o 15 people to carry the beast.

  2. Schell’s is a good choice and I don’t think you have to have a reservation for that tour. Too bad about Summit and although it’s a good one, unless you have a Surly connection there’s no way you’d be able to squeeze into tonight’s tour. You could check out Flat Earth’s website to see if they’re doing a tour this Saturday and if there are any openings.
    If you’re looking to drink a variety of good brews, Stub & Herb’s (adjacent to the U of M campus) is a great choice. Barley John’s in New Brighton has a great patio although they generally only have their own brews plus maybe 1 or 2 guest beers. Have fun!

    1. I’d love a Surly tour but it won’t work. I should have mentioned they arrive Sunday. Plus, they went on a tour of Leinie’s (or they will today anyway). We’ll have to hit them next time they come and I’ll plan way in advance. Stub & Herbs is on my list from reading your post(s) about it. Pretty excited about that. Thanks, Kris!

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