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Life In the New House

2015 April 2

I am to still rocking the kitchen. Not because I’m fat and the new house has a lean to it in that particular room.

There it is. The kitchen. In all its glory. So it needs some help. I just thought it would be nice to show you. I’m the kind of person who likes to imagine and know where people do their thing.

I just finished making a cilantro, jalapeno, sherry vinegar sauce to go on some black bean soup and whatnot then prepped a cabbage-cilantro slaw to put on the next 2 meals. I made “Sloppy Joses” as seen on my Instagram (not the name I gave them) that involved pork, corn salsa and pickled jalapenos. They were delicious. On the menu is ham and cabbage soup with rosemary-infused broth. Yeah, I used the word infused. Deal.

I also wrote a post at the Wits (the stuff I do when I’m not cooking) about life in the new house. Yep, another point the finger (not pull the finger), go that way without something written with more value on this old blog. Deal.

Here’s maybe all the value you need in this post-we’re very happy in our house in Washington and in Washington overall. Very happy indeed.

Hey 3 Months Later

2015 February 12

So…I’m still cooking, kicking, biting, screaming, resting, dreaming and creating, people. We’re 3 months in Washington and put an offer on a house over the weekend, had it accepted the following day and are doing the inspection today.

It’s another fixer, like we wanted, but not a super duper fixer and not nearly as much needs updating as our last place. The house is pretty similar to our first one in Minnesota-only 3 years older, bigger, with hardwood floors this time, a 2 car garage for our workshop and a bunch of other awesome features. Win, win, win, win, win, etc..

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll notice I am indeed still cooking. I’m trying out some vegan days, vegetarian days and eating less meat in general. Trying to lose some poundage and find that healthy sweet spot again. (That grossed me out a bit too.) I’m also kicking my ass doing some high intensity interval training (HIIT). You basically stand looking in Death’s face, dripping with sweat with your lungs screaming, then you bring your energy back down, bring it back up to say hi again, back down and so forth. Then you either feel completely energized and jump around the house to 90’s alt, the Kills station or Disney music (guilty pleasure recently) then crash later or just crash right away. That’s how it goes for me anyway.

Hurting myself, feeding myself, house hunting (myself), getting new glasses, watching Game of Thrones and Curb Your Enthusiasm, planning trips to visit family in southern California and the coast, taxes, waiting for my puppy-child’s foot surgery. That’s what I’m up to nowadays. How about you? What are you up to?

The Pro Photos

2014 November 11

Curious how our old Minnesota house turned out?  Here is a link to the professional photos and post about life these days for me.


2014 November 5

I come to you from Washington.  We rolled in Saturday after 5 days of driving/vacation time + a week visiting family in Indiana and are living with random belongings in a rental house for the time being.  Things are good.   My stove…is…well…leaves something to be desired and I’ve yet to cook a single dish.  That said, we have found a number of delicious places to eat within 10 miles.  And that’s blowing our minds.  We’re in Federal Way, not Seattle, not Tacoma.  Not yet.  Greg and I are figuring things out, so bear with me.  I wrote a post at the Wits about our trip across the country to our new state with details about the sell of our house.  You can check that out here.



It happened

2014 October 10

Much has happened since July.

After remodeling the kitchen we started on the basement. That took nearly a few months. Once that was finished we met with our real estate agent towards listing our house. Remember how we’ve been updating our home for the last almost 3 years in an effort to profit and move to our dream location in Washington state? Member that?

We finally got it listed last month…and had been told an offer was coming our way the next morning. I kid you not. It did and it is an amazing offer without hassles. We close on October 17th. The buyer is a very nice (sounding) man. I believe he was the first to schedule a tour too. We were stoked that that many people wanted to see our place the first day it was listed (and the following day) then wham. Dreams come true-goals accomplished.

But he wanted to be in the house as soon as he could, so things have gone very quickly…very. It’s only now I can breathe a little and wanted to update you peoples with the news.

WE MADE IT HAPPEN-WE’RE MOVING TO WASHINGTON! (That’s all I wanted to put in this post, but I thought you deserved more.)

After a trip to Indiana to see family and friends, Greg, the pups and myself will be driving across the country with stops in Deadwood, SD, Cody, WY, Yellowstone, Missoula, MT, Leavenworth, WA then to our rental house in Federal Way. (I left out our stay in Iowa because, well, it’s not a thrilling part of Iowa…is there such a place there?  Kidding.)  I’ve booked cabins, cottages and houses in place of hotels. We haven’t had a vacation or honeymoon, oh, ever and, although we are driving the 40+ hours with pups who will surely be annoyed, this is exciting. It’s all exciting.

Know any great places to eat along the way?