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Vintage Band Music Festival This Weekend In Northfield

The Vintage Band Music Festival is in full swing (haha-get it?) here in Northfield (Minnesota). I can’t believe I haven’t mentioned this until today. Greg and I have eagerly been waiting for this event, the two band geeks that we are.

What is the Vintage Band Festival? I’m not sure either but it involves 25 historical bands paying homage to past musical eras with over 100 concerts in the Northfield area. Here is a link for more info. That makes it my link for the day. The event goes through Sunday.

After dinner, we sat by the window, sipping limoncello, listening to a few bands downtown. We have a busy weekend but hope to be present at many of the free concerts (donations are welcome).

Saturday is Greg’s company picnic and Sunday is a birthday party for a charming one year old boy, held by his awesome parents. (His grandma is none other than Jayne, a fan of the dabble, who now has her own website What’s Growin’ On? She also has a show on a local cable station for her master gardening knowledge. Great lady!)

A little bit of New Orleans arrived last night with the Jack Brass Band. I’ve not been to NOLA yet but I can’t wait for the opportunity. We were not present on the lawn at the Bridge Square concert. Instead, we were grooving to the Minneapolis-based New Orleans style brass band in our apartment with the music wafting through our windows. When we renew our vows, I want this swing band at the celebration but I’ve said that for a dozen bands.

Greg very much wants to get out his trumpet and play along although, he says he’s rusty. I think he could next year; he was a talented musician. It takes skills to get into a college band and he participated at Purdue for years. That trumpet was a big part of his life for a long time.

We are going out tonight and I hope there is a swing band with energetic tunes to make us happy as clams. I prefer dancing “old timey” anyway. Swing was my thing in school. Greg and I thought about swing dancing for the first dance at our reception but “Waste” by Phish has always been our song and his brother’s band was kind enough to perform it for us.

Oh, and happy Friday!

4 thoughts on “Vintage Band Music Festival This Weekend In Northfield

  1. What a fun-filled weekend! We just moved into our new place in Austin last night, so we have A LOT of unpacking to take care of!

  2. How exciting that you will be with us on Sunday! Looking forward to a visit with you and your hubby! Have fun at the band festival – we are off to our camper for some much needed rest!

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