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Sweet Suggestions-See You Next Year!

I lied, we left this morning. Right now, I could be on the road (unless you came across my site past December 22, 2009). I technically didn’t lie because I didn’t know we’d be leaving a day sooner due to snow storms. I am writing this post Monday evening because I didn’t want to leave anyone wondering my whereabouts. Today is my last recommendation day because quite frankly, if you don’t have the food portion of the holidays figured out by now, then you probably aren’t in charge of an entire meal and can afford to wrap your mind around it this late in the game. Check out my recommendations for appetizers, dips, breakfasts and cheese. My website is full of desserts and treats for the holidays but I would like to note a few more that I’ve come across and think would be awesome for parties.

How about fudge from the White On Rice Couple? Yum!

Martha’s Cherry Toffee Oatmeal Cookies or her Molasses Spice Cookies

Chocolate Chip Cookie

My favorite recipe for Chocolate Chip Cookies from ElizabethBH on allrecipes

Then there’s one of my childhood favorites from the Come and Peek blog called Fudge Puddles (similar to cookies with Reece’s cups in the center)

Saveur’s website has a large variety of cookies that deserve a peek.

I can’t suggest enough for other food ideas from wonderful bloggers.

Happy holidays! I hope you have a fun, memorable time bringing in the New Year and I will see you next year, dear reader. Be safe! (January 4th)