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No Post Day…Oopsie-Doodle

I’m posting today to say that I am not posting a recipe. Nice, right? Well, we had one enjoyable weekend and I’m recovering still. I’m talking GOOD TIMES. Yes, I’m yelling that with a smile. We hung out with some incredibly nice, fun, amazing people at a new friend’s 30th birthday party Saturday into Sunday and stayed at other new friends’ home on our air mattress. (Shout out to Beckie, Ryan, and Samantha!) I met a reader. (Hey, Jayne!) Always love that. The food was tasty, the drinks were flowing and the company-sigh-awesome. I wish I had a chance to talk to a few people more but it was crazy. I think her 30’s are starting off on a good note. (Again, happy birthday, Megan!)

For any squeamish readers, I warn you that later this week the dabble will have pics of the hog that was roasted and quite delicious. (Poor, tasty Wiggles.) Ryan is a talented chef. If only I could motivate myself to edit those pictures and get my buns in gear.

After going to such an event, you kind of get home and want to sleep, at least we did. But we didn’t want to waste the day so we ran some errands Sunday. Then, we went to bed around 9, were asleep until 12:45AM, when our neighbors wanted to have a few friends over with loud conversation below our bedroom windows and skateboard in the middle of the road, up and down. They also enjoyed their favorite pastime of stomping up and down the stairs repeatedly. Please make up your mind-in or out, buckos.

Of course, they were no longer there when the cops came around. When the female officer asked if our neighbor had seen skateboarders, while he stood outside alone (probably smoking), his reply was “no, nope.” I told you I can hear everything and not lucky for them, I’m not a sound sleeper and my mind absorbs how things go down as if it were a video. A few more things happened, cops were called once more (not by us this second time) and let me put it this way, I didn’t fall asleep until Greg was leaving for work slightly after 5.

That’s quite honestly the biggest factor for not providing a recipe today. Forgive me. I’m going to perform a few tasks and nap. I’ll be back tomorrow.

5 thoughts on “No Post Day…Oopsie-Doodle

  1. I am forever greatful that our friend “Wiggles The Great Fantabulous Hog” gave his sweet but short life for us to feast on! On this rainy but very great night, we were all filled with joy as our stomachs were full and the booze was a flowing just right!! Cheers to Megan on her 30th Birthday!!! And Cheers to New Great Friends!!! And Cheers to only more Fantabulous times to come!!! 🙂

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