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Parting With Money Is Such Sweet Sorrow Sometimes

For anyone that read yesterday’s post, it happened again.  It being my bad luck.  I don’t think I mentioned that it usually comes in pairs (or more) so besides an exploding quiche, my laptop crashed out of the blue a few hours after my post.  

I miss it already, what a workhorse of a Dell.   In January, Greg and I were going to discuss when to get a new computer, it was rather old.   We can’t afford anything really and have a list of things that need to be done (wisdom teeth removal and the car needs fixed and a student loan payment goes up soon and we don’t have health insurance and so on). We set aside time to discuss when we could put some money towards something and then attempt to begin months/years later, then life happens and something of dire importance needs our attention and money. The process starts all over again. I plan to plan.

One day, in my retirement age, my student loans will be paid off and then we can do those things couples do like have kids, buy a house, get a newer vehicle, go on a honeymoon. We can dream right?

We purchased a new laptop last night. To watch Greg part with money is both hilarious and painful- I’m not much for it either but this was unavoidable. He gets very quiet, puts on his serious face and his normally nonchalant attitude changes to utter grump. I am not a fan of using credit cards but for the past year, we’ve had to put several vehicle maintenance costs (thousands of dollars) and now a laptop (well half was cash) on one of these puppies, which is not in our plan. Our tax return is as good as gone.  I’m trying to put all my work, pictures, music on here and luckily, we have Carbonite (and an external hard drive) so it’s not a major pain although I need to be prepping for my family’s arrival later today. (I need family time!)

That said, I will not be posting anything until Tuesday or Wednesday so have a great Labor day weekend and think about my birthday on Saturday, I will have 27 years under my belt on this earth. Here’s a nice picture of the sampler at the Town Hall Brewery in Minneapolis and our friend Paul’s elbow. Nice one, buddy.

Sampler at Town Hall Brewery in Minneapolis
Sampler at Town Hall Brewery in Minneapolis