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Part Three: My Last Pantry Staple Post

Greg, my husband, had a lovely one day trip to St. Louis. I’ll talk about that tomorrow. He is such a great guy. My St. Patty’s day (yesterday) wasn’t that marvelous but he made it better.

This is my third and last post about my pantry staples. You can check out the first post about my cabinet/pantry staples here and the second post about herbs and fridge staples here.

Freezer Staples:

Chicken (thighs or breasts or an entire chicken)/ground beef/turkey/shrimp/scallops/salmon/pork/a rotisserie chicken shredded from the deli comes in handy too – we don’t eat much meat but these are our choices

Peppery chicken curry and Mexican lasagna

*Ice-you’d be surprised how many people don’t think to have this on hand for drinks (especially one at the end of the day-wink wink, nudge nudge, know what I mean, know what I mean)

Classic margaritas

*Frozen meal/pizza-I have a few Lean Cuisines, Healthy Choice, Amy’s Kitchen and a frozen pizza from the co-op, ravioli/pierogies at times (I do try to watch my calories believe it or not.)

*Frozen veggies that steam in the bag-love these for stir-frys and sides … I have a friend that eats frozen vegetables instead of potato chips, like corn… (shrugging shoulders)

Puff pastry/phyllo sheets – sometimes I have these for desserts like a tart or for savory dishes

Fudgesicles or Ice Cream – I try to have a low cal, fudgy snack in the freezer and I really like these and ice cream is not very often (unless Greg’s whining gets to me…and it does)

Pudding cake with ice cream

Chocolate pudding cake with ice cream or chocolate truffle ice cream

Recipes from Cooking Light utilizing pantry staples

What staples do you have in your pantry, fridge and freezer?