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October’s Arrival and the Last of the Northfield Photos

Oh my goodness, it’s October 1st. Toot-a-loo, September! (I’ll miss you month dearest to my heart…that’s kind of creepy. Moving on.)

The town is recovering from the flooding last week and the Riverwalk Market Fair is entering its last month of operation. I know I haven’t said much about it but to be honest, I was fairly busy and didn’t get to the weekly Saturday event as much as I originally planned. While it was nice and if you went once, you pretty much got a glimpse into what most visits would include (except the produce changing….there were more homemade sweets than fresh produce though and I bought only one pastry the entire summer from the fair).

Little Luna, a young chihuahua, whom we met along our picture-snapping walk.

I stuck with the farmers market not associated with the event because I have established relationships and they have more produce. Most of the vendors aren’t “playing farmer/gardener,” they are one. The other is a cute fair and draws in a crowd but as you can probably tell, I was disappointed but still looking forward to the following year…if we’re here. My guess is that, with the St. Olaf College Homecoming weekend, the town will be busy and maybe I’ll see the best of the fair and my opinion changed.

On this “fond of” Friday, I would like to share the last pictures in my Northfield, Minnesota collection on flickr. I shot these two days before the high water flowed through parts of town in late September. Have a splendid weekend-see you Monday!

Downtown Northfield

To the Contented Cow Pub

For the Defeat of Jesse James Days Festival-I think my neighbor made this for Sisters Ugly clothing store

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  1. I can hardly believe it is already October! Thanks for sharing more lovely pictures of the town…it looks so charming! And that puppy was just about the cutest thing I’ve seen all day. Thank you for sharing with us.

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