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“Fond of” Friday: My Dream Kitchen

I’m dreaming of my future kitchen today. That’s not true. I began thinking about my ideal kitchen months ago when the reality that we could get a house and remodel the kitchen hit my noggin. We’ve been keeping it on the down-low but have been trying to find a house once again. Nothing of interest on the market right now (in our price range). If we stay in Minnesota is another question and topic for a later date.

Greg and I, in the 9 years that we’ve been together, have lived in 7 rented places. We think it’s time for change. I’m jonesin’ to plan, paint, remodel and decorate space that is ours (or the banks for a period of time but that’s how it works). For this “fond of” Friday, if we move and if I can remodel the kitchen, here’s what I’d love.

Below are pictures of kitchens that I adore from That’s a great site for design ideas! Let me tell you what captured my attention about these rooms.

-dark wide plank floors (although I know I will have resale in mind and will wait until we build our dream home)

-open space (I’ll tear down walls that aren’t load-bearing)

-white/neutral cabinets/paint ( I wasn’t into this until I saw Martha Stewart’s set for Everyday Food)

-tile backsplash (I’m into off-white, muted green or other muted tones but cobalt blue is my favorite color…who knows)

-stainless steel appliances (would like awesome range, fridge, dishwasher, sink, etc.)

-marble countertops (although I also like labradorite and unique wood)

-greige (grey/beige) walls, tile, etc. (with dark blue and white plus bursts of color in accessories)

-uncluttered/clean/calm feel

-mix of contemporary/vintage/eclectic

-modern stools/awesome rug

-open shelf in place of cabinets

-great lighting

Have a marvelous weekend!

4 thoughts on ““Fond of” Friday: My Dream Kitchen

  1. We have open shelves in place of some of our cabinets and I love it! I put all my pretty dishes and baking goods up there…it looks beautiful and it makes baking bread easy too! I hope you do get a chance to remodel your kitchen because you have some great ideas, love!

  2. I found your website looking for pickling recipe (I’m going to try it out today) and saw this entry. I’m also an architect so this post is close to my heart… These are really great ideas. I have a small comment about open shelves in the Kitchen: Obviously, you cook alot, so I would advise any client with such a propensity to not put lots of open shelves close to your range/oven. Even with a great hood, grease stickiness does get in the air and will land on shelving and all that is placed on top. It might not be something you mind at all, but maybe you had not considered it. Good Luck!

    1. Good advice! I hadn’t thought about that yet. I’m still stuck in the excitement of creating a kitchen and the thought that I could remodel it however I want-such a novel concept for us. I will keep that in mind. Thanks!

  3. This is your mother-in-law (I don’t really like that term, I prefer “Mother of the Man you LOVE!”). The open concept reminds me of Grandma Irey (Dad’s mother). Her kitchen was very much the open shelf concept. Easy access and visibility to items needed for cooking gourmet meals. Grandma Jones (my mother) on the other hand was the opposite (everything neatly behind cabinet doors). I’m a little of both. I LOVE having my cast iron cookware hanging on the wall where I don’t have to dig it out, but I still like hiding my mess behind solid wood. Keep up the good work, it looks great! It is nice having a husband that has the skills to do professional work (I know from personal experience). We are very proud of you both…Love MOM

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