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“Fond Of” Friday: 2 New Items

Are you ready to Friday? Yep, Friday is a verb in this case. At our place it means going out or at least opening up your options to go out. Just the idea excites me after being a recluse for most of the week. I finished scanning those family photos I discussed a while ago and now I’m on to other projects. I’ve been so focused on those pictures that I missed Greg’s company soup competition yesterday. Doh! (Greg also wasn’t a help because he didn’t remember until that day…typical.)

Friday might mean dining out and staying up late. We might be taking that enthusiasm to the zoo tomorrow with our free passes to celebrate something (being vague is as good as I can do right now). A thing that will have a huge impact on our future and will allow us to make a few decisions that we’ve been unable to resolve. Tell ya more later.

Recluse me wanted to share some of my favorite new items for “fond of” Friday.

I love these slippers. Every time a chill comes to the air, I begin my search for my ideal, affordable, comfortable footwear to put on the second I get out of bed. Eventually the bottoms are unable to handle the amount of walking/running/jumping/working out that I do so I usually have this search 3 or 4 times during the fall and winter seasons. The frills kind of threw me; I don’t usually go for ruffles but while walking around Target, these caught my eye and at $10, there’s no passing them up. They come in several different colors and my guess is that in a month, I will need to pick up another pair. If only I could find an affordable seasonal cardigan to wrap myself in for those frequent times that I’m chilly in the apartment.

This $5 ring from Ragstock made me laugh. We are people that think the whole mustache thing is funny. Glasses with mustaches etched on them, mustache t-shirts, fake ‘staches. We’ve even hosted a ‘stache night where we played Monopoly wearing a hairy upper lip. (Don’t be caught with a naked upper lip.) Fun times!

While typing my posts, I’m most likely wearing those slippers and donning the ring with a cup of coffee at my side and papers scattered around the desk. You can put that image in your mind, if you wish, while reading the blog.

Have a cheery weekend! See you Monday.

One thought on ““Fond Of” Friday: 2 New Items

  1. I want those slippers…now! Those have to be the cutest things I’ve seen all week. I would do anything for my slippers and a mug of tea right now. Thank you for sharing this with me. And yes, your ring is pretty adorable too.

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