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On the Couch

Hi, everyone. I am not feeling well at all today so no recipe. Eating is not a goal of mine yet. I’m sorry but you know what, my sister’s birthday is tomorrow, my youngest, (about to be a mom) sister’s birthday! I hope I feel better by then to celebrate hundreds of miles away from her but hey.

Our weekend was great. We had a get together with new friends, new to me that is. I had every intention of writing about this gathering but I’m really not up for it literally…I’m lying on the couch, unable to move, in pain. We had such a great time though and the weather was gorgeous. Again, sorry about today; there are plenty of recipes to satisfy your cravings on the dabble. Take a peak at the categories on the right sidebar.

2 thoughts on “On the Couch

  1. I hope you feel better! I am always a miserable patient when I’m sick…so I am feeling for you! Take care of yourself, rest up, and drink plenty of water. Look forward to more posts when you feel better.

    1. Thanks, Monet! That’s so nice! I’m doing well drinking a lot of water but not so much on the rest. There’s a sharp pain that stabs me every time I try to fall asleep and the doctor told me to keep on the excedrin although it’s done nothing for my abdomen pain. I’ll be back tomorrow, pretty sure.

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