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Chipper and Raspberry Maple Ice Cream

Good day! I may have had a late start to my Tuesday but I am in a chipper mood….and I don’t normally use the word chipper. It sounds like a nickname for some rich frat boy in an 80’s movie, that plays golf, all the while resting on his trust fund that will cushion reality when/if he ever graduates and then, either works for his daddy or spends his time traveling and playing around the world, growing older while still partying and eventually marrying a former hooker who only wants his money. It happens. My imagination takes over, like Daniel Tosh (one funny dude…I just used the word dude…hmm).

Golden raspberry but any berry will work in this ice cream recipe.

I had a good chat with my friend Beckie (hey!) and a cup of coffee that was brewed just right. I slept in a little bit, a luxury I can afford, after a hard workout that left me sore and I woke up very early yesterday for no reason except that my mind was yelling “I’m awake-get up, jerk!” Some of you might have turned on me now that I said I slept in-it will happen some day for you, don’t be bitter.

Speaking of brew, we sampled our first batch of Belgian Tripel. All I can report is that it actually had a decent, drinkable taste and beautiful color. The bad part is that upon opening the first bottle (of only 7 for the gallon), it foamed like a fountain and only 10% was left when it finally stopped. Something similar happened for the remaining bottles.

We reviewed the issues and have adjusted for future batches so we shall see. I had a slight stomach ache with the leftover yeast, I’m guessing, which could be remedied with a double fermentation method and I’m not sure that the sugar content was correct that came with the kit, which would help the foam/carbonation problem. I know we sanitized like there’s no tomorrow so we don’t expect that to be the issue. I’ll let you know, if you lovelies care, how the next few batches come out. Greg and I are just happy that it was actually tasty. Success!

I mentioned in yesterday’s berry muffin post that I made ice cream with the golden raspberries that we found time to pick over a week ago. When I mention raspberry ice cream, the honey raspberry ice cream I made last summer comes to mind, still one of my top choices, and also, the delicious red wine and raspberry sorbet. Can you tell I love raspberries?

Red wine and raspberry sorbet
Red wine and raspberry sorbet

This season I wanted to try using maple syrup, a trend I’ve noticed with a small following, in my ice cream recipe and I happened to have my favorite berry-the golden raspberry. You can make this with any berry and I do suggest trying it because maple syrup makes a great ice cream sweetener, like honey. Thanks goes out to Christie’s Corner for posting Anita Stewart’s recipe.

By the way, no ice cream maker, no problem. Check out David “the ice cream god” Lebovitz for how to achieve ice cream sans maker. That’s how I refer to him anyway.

Golden Raspberry Maple Ice Cream from Christie’s Corner by Anita Stewart
Makes about a quart

4 cups raspberries (I used golden raspberries, use any berry-fresh or frozen but I prefer fresh)
2 eggs
½ cup sugar
1 ½ cups half & half
1 cup whipping cream
½ cup maple syrup

*Be sure to have your ice cream maker’s bowl in the freezer or whatever you need to do to prep for the recipe, allowing whatever time it needs before beginning.

Mash the berries through a strainer, removing the seeds, to make a puree. In a bowl, beat the eggs and sugar for 4 to 5 minutes until thick and light yellow. This will give you a workout or place it in a mixer to reach the desired consistency. Add the raspberry puree, half & half, cream and maple syrup, stirring until combined. Freeze in an ice cream maker according to the directions. Place in freezer for a few hours after is my added suggestion.

6 thoughts on “Chipper and Raspberry Maple Ice Cream

  1. WOW – those ice creams sound amazing. It makes me want to go out an buy an ice cream maker!! What kind do you have? Perhaps an early Christmas present is necessary for me to try this tasty treat!!

  2. Thanks to the link to David’s site…I have been wanting to make ice cream, but I can’t fit an ice cream maker into my small kitchen! Isn’t it amazing how good a quality cup of brewed coffee can taste? A good way to start the day!

    1. No prob, glad to be of help. I bought mine before I had my tiny kitchen now and it rests on my baker’s rack across from the fridge. A good cup of coffee has been known to make my morning (or not).

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