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Celebrating 3 Years of the Dabble

It’s just now setting in that this here blog has been around for 3 years today. I can’t even think of anything to say about it. Just know I have a pleasant feeling surrounding this event and that I am grateful for you readers, subscribers, people that stop by after taking notice of one of my dishes, friends, family, people stopping by to see the trainwreck and everyone else in-between.

I’m thankful for the recipe creators, bloggers, chefs, magazines and homecooks that continue to make such amazing looking/sounding dishes, drinks, snacks, etc. that catch my attention and turn out wonderful. And those that don’t give me an opportunity to tweak and create my own meal. You keep me going. You’re inspiring and make me want to be around at least another 3 years, if not longer. There are so many great recipes around for me to share and way too much I want to blab about so here’s to the Dabble!

Oh, thanks to my husband, Greg, for putting up with those years I wasn’t very good, with more failures than successes. See, you’ve made it through and I would like to think have been rewarded with what I produce week after week. My favorite taste tester.

If you read the Huffington Post, you might see my lambic float recipe and picture featured Monday. (Hell yes, I’m excited.)

Cheers and happy weekending!

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