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Befores and Afters: Renovations of Each Room (with Sources and Totals)

At the Wits yesterday I shared what many people have probably been waiting for from me for a few years regarding our home improvements-“the befores and afters.”

In a few months we plan to put the place on the market and vamoose to Seattle.  We’ve known this for about a year and a half because we asked to do so and the company granted our relocation.

My husband and I set out to update 95% of our home and we’ve done the majority of that work.  The only parts left are the 3 rooms in the basement.  I’m very proud, teary-eyed and a bit in disbelief that it has really come together.  When you’re facing a room of dust and rubble it’s hard to imagine it will be anything else, then multiple that times one hundred and you’re sitting inside my head for the last 2 1/2 years.

So I finally spent some time putting together this post here of our accomplishments (with lots of pictures) and want to also share it with you supportive people who have grown fond of me despite myself.

Here’s a sample living room “before” shot.  Visit the link above to see the rest.