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Rare Moment of Bliss With Snow

After my 7AM dentist appointment with bad news (about things I’ve put off for years) and lots of snow, I decided to spend a snow day with my husband. The school corporation is closed in the town where his company is located so he is not required to go to work-although he was going to try until we found out that the majority of his coworkers were not present, putting a stop to any advancement on the project. Snow day!

part of downtown Northfield, MN

For some reason, I want to be in the elements, with our newer Forester. Oh the fun of plowing into drifts and whipping around corners (in a safe manner) which is just what we did for most of the morning. We also sat in the Quality Bakery in town with doughnuts and coffee, chatting while I enjoyed not being alone during the day- even though it made us pine for more days like this.

Quality Bakery Northfield, MN

After receiving word that my wisdom teeth need to come out, the thing I’ve put off and that I may need a root canal, the fault of the previous dentist that didn’t listen to me and attempted to fill a tooth that rejected 3 previous fillings, I deserve a day to freeze my toes, sled and have a snowball fight. I should just have them take all of my teeth out. Greg said he would whittle me some wooden choppers. When I go in for the evaluation next week and they tell me the cost, I will buy him the material and be done with the whole damn thing. I have a history of good hygiene with a horrible dental record. I know it doesn’t add up but figure in genetics (sorry mom) and soon it makes sense.

So dear reader, I am not posting a recipe. It’s a rare day that snow makes me happy AND that my husband is home from work. (It’s even rarer that snow AND my husband make me happy on the same day.) I think you should do something fun today too. Here are some suggestions for those who found themselves in a winter wonderland this morning: throw snowballs at coworkers attempting to get in their cars, when passing someone shoveling a sidewalk, kick some snow back and tell them they missed a spot (then duck because you never know if you’ll get a shovel to the back of the head) and finally, make one of my recipes on this site (anyone for chocolate chip cookies? or maybe it’s a mulled cider kind of day).

Bundle up and may your snowballs pack tight!

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